Data access plugins

This is instruction will guide you through the setup process for accessing data from a Pipe Data Flow System (online data access system) in Pipeson Data Manager.

Pipe Data Flow Systems use encrypted user plugins (key files). The plugins are distributed by owners of Pipe Data Flow Systems. If your company have an internal Pipe Data Flow System, please contact your “System owner”.

Access data at Element, Kiwa and NSF International

Element, Kiwa and NSF International provide data access to their clients. For more information and/or to receive your personal data access plugin, please contact Element, Kiwa and NSF International directly.


Mattias Svedberg


Marco Mekes

NSF International

Laura Schell

To set up Pipeson Data Manager for data access

  1. You need to have your encrypted plugin file (*.ppx or, *.ppf).
  2. Start Pipeson Data Manager.
  3. Go to Main Menu > Data Sources > Online Systems > Online System Manager.
  4. Click on ‘Add’ button.
  5. Browse to the plugin file.
  6. Enter the plugin name, this name will be displayed in Pipeson Data Manager.
  7. Pipeson Data Manager is now ready to access data.