We are Pipeson

Pipeson is a software company founded in 2007,
with a heart that beats for the plastic pipe industry.
We develop innovative software solutions for known challenges,
delivering productive and inspiring workdays including
top-notch service experiences.

As we continuously re-invest 40% of our annual revenues into new development projects, we look to the future with great confidence. Our promise is to tirelessly improve our software solutions and your user experience.

Our partners

Pipeson has been working successfully with industry leaders for many years.
Our technology partnerships and integration partnerships have the common
goal to add value to all our common customers.

IPT has more than 40 years of experience in the development,
design, and production of complete integrated testing solutions
for the plastic pipes industry with installations in more than
120 countries. The IptDataLogging® software, provides the
customers with an efficient platform to monitor tests and to
manage test data and results.

IPT and Pipeson collaboration

  • IPT and Pipeson have been partners since 2012.
  • Integrated IPT and Pipeson software to benefit
    our customers.
  • Focus on optimizing workflows for pressure test data.

Element Plastic Pipes in Sweden is an independent testing institute
specialized in tests for pressure pipes since 1973. Element testing
services are fully accredited and covers standardized tests and
custom-made tests.

Element and Pipeson collaboration

  • Element and Pipeson have been partners since 2007.
  • Developed Element Online and improve service continuously.
  • Works closely in the development of Pipeson Data Manager and Pipeson Analyzer.

Kiwa is an independent organization with certification and testing
as its core business. Kiwa operates on an international market and
is present in over forty countries. The Kiwa testing services are
accredited and fully independent

Kiwa and Pipeson collaboration

  • Kiwa and Pipeson have been partners since 2008.
  • Our goals are to contribute to the plastic piping industry together.
  • Further develop the Pipeson Certification Management System.

NSF was founded in 1944 with the mission of protecting and improving global human health. As an independent, accredited organization, NSF tests, audits and certifies products and systems as well as providing education and risk management.

NSF and Pipeson collaboration

  • NSF International and Pipeson have been partners since 2013.
  • Improve Pipeson software communication capabilities.
  • Focus on tools for standards and regulations in North America.

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