Customer segments

Material producers, suppliers of pipes and fittings, and testing institutes gain advantages using complete software systems designed for pressure test data and product certifications.

Material producers

  • Gather all pressure test data in one database, and rest
    assured that you always have easy access to the right data.
  • Analyze your data, perform regression analyses
    for material classification and validation. Share results with
    colleagues and customers with a click of a button.
  • Never miss a beat when it comes to keeping track of your
    recurrent annual/semi-annual testing and the process
    verification testing.

Pipe and fitting suppliers

  • Calculate the design strengths and predict lifetimes of pipes and
    fittings for any given service condition.
  • Create a perfect structure and digitalize your certification
    management. Never risk failing to renew
    a certificate again.
  • Keep all information in a central database and file system, making it easy
    to manage, collaborate and communicate.

Testing institutes

  • Minimize manual work and remove errors in data updates,
    data analysis and data communication.
  • Provide customers with 24/7 online data access to save
    time and provide a superior service.
  • Classify materials following ISO and ASTM standards,
    use Miner’s rule to calculate design stresses and pressures.

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