Pipeson’s two solutions

20 Apr 2023

Pipeson started with 100% focus on software for pressure test data. In 2014 the material producers requested a software solution supporting the management of the continuous Process Verification Testing (PVT).

Pipeson accepted the challenge and added this functionality to the Pipeson Data Manager, which still had the key focus on managing pressure test data.

We continued to work together with pipe and fittings suppliers to enable the certification management of pipes, fittings and even complete piping systems. This work was accomplished by dedicated support from Kiwa, PurmoGroup, HakaGerodur and RWC.

The new certification management functionality was also implemented in the Pipeson Data Manager. In April 2023 Pipeson product management decided to split Pipeson Data Manager in two separate software.

In Q4 2023, Pipeson will add the Pipeson Certification Manager to its portfolio. Pipeson Data Manager will focus 100% on pressure test data and Pipeson Certification Manager will focus 100% on product certification. Both software will have their own databases and file repositories.

“The logic is clear. With two software solutions, each dedicated to solve its specific task, it will be easier and more efficient for Pipeson to drive the development and at the same time improve the user experience. We have ambitious plans for both systems and the split was a necessary step on the way. We have validated our plans with our current customers and the feedback was positive”, says Daniel Lindqvist, Pipeson.