Innovation via collaboration

06 Sep 2016

I grew up in the time before the remote control. In order to change between one of the two public service channels that were offered in Sweden I had to get out of the couch and manually push a button. That’s quite different from how it is today. If my children can’t find the remote control, they simply won’t watch TV.

It’s my firm belief that you get the best ideas from those who rely on a particular product or service in their daily lives. I would for instance imagine that the idea of the remote control was hatched by someone who wanted to be able to flip through the channels without leaving the bowl of popcorn unattended. That’s exactly why we stay in close contact with the users of our software.

Combining our solutions with our customers’ creativity and know-how will generate new ideas that wouldn’t have seen the light of day if all of our development work was conducted behind closed doors. And I am very happy and grateful that we have engaged users who are eager to share their ideas with us. In fact, we have a number of great examples of how our customers and partners have made important contributions to the Pipeson software solutions.

Pipeson’s Online System is a result of a close collaboration with Exova. They came to us with the idea of allowing customers 24/7 online access to test data. Today that’s a reality and it has greatly improved global project communication.

The material experts at Georg Fischer in Schaffhausen, Switzerland saw the need for Miner’s rule calculations with varying temperatures, pressures and times, and today it is possible for our customers to perform cumulative damage calculations for more complex service conditions.

LyondellBasell approached us and shared their need for a solution that would help them to keep track of when actions need to be taken to renew or update an approval. The time intervals at which actions need to be taken are between 6 months to 5 years which makes it easy to forget. Today the Pipeson Approval Management facilitates all aspects of approval management.

I am also very happy about the fact that we currently are developing a test program functionality in collaboration with IPT, which you can read more about in the article below.

My wishes for an innovative fall.

Daniel Lindqvist