From niche product to comprehensive tool

05 Aug 2023

Pipeson’s original business concept was to create a dedicated tool for regression analysis of pressure pipe test data with focus on ISO 9080, and when we launched Pipeson Analyzer 1.0 at the Plastic Pipes conference in Budapest in 2008 it was received well. As it turns out that tool was too narrow so we got to work refining and developing it further. The number of users increased steadily as we added new functionalities that made it possible for our customers to compare data, and reference/regression lines to perform more advanced calculations such as Miner’s rule.

In order to address a need that several customers pointed out to us, the next big developmental leap was to create a solution that would assist our customers with the time consuming task of data import. We started to address this challenge together with Element in 2009, which resulted in Element Online and the first Pipeson Data Manager, allowing automatic data import from a wide variety of sources. In 2012 we teamed up with IPT to enable seamless data transfer of test data from the IptDataLogging database to the Pipeson software.

Upon launch of Pipeson Data Manager, customers with large quantities of data loved the system and gave us feedback that it would be beneficial if it were possible to administer other types of data within the same framework. So we got to work and developed the approval management functionality in close collaboration with Kiwa. It’s a tool that allows our customers to stay on top of the administration of product- and material approvals as well as renewals. It’s a useful tool for all materials- and pipe producers, not just for companies with large quantities of pressure pipe test data.

Our solutions have been under constant development over the years and in 2013 we teamed up with NSF International to design new functionalities with a focus on standards and regulations in North America. But although our solutions are under constant change – our mission remains the same.

In 2014 we started to work with certification management as a new functionality in the Pipeson Data Manager.

We are continuously investing all our development resources to add new possibilitites and new functionalities.

In Q4 2023 we will launch the Pipeson Certification Manager, a software dedicated to manage product certifications for plastic pipes, fittings and complete piping systems.

We are dedicated to continue the development of software solutions that will make the workday easier for people in the plastic pipe industry and that will increase business performance and growth.

Daniel Lindqvist