Pipeson Viewer

    Work flow

Viewer is designed to be a communication tool, complementing Analyzer. Colleagues are often interested to follow the development of different projects. With Viewer your colleagues can open the Analyzer data file and view information.

With Viewer you can do the following tasks:

  • Monitor testing projects
  • Monitor evaluation projects
  • Communicate


The Viewer functionality has been designed to give a quick overview of a specific project. You can open Analyzer data files to view project information, test data and regression results. With the report function, you can also create reports with testing and evaluation graphs.

In Viewer you have:

  • Material information
  • Testing information
  • Project information
  • Test data table
  • Regression settings
  • Pressure testing graph
  • Regression graph
  • Strength prediction values
  • Copy and paste
  • Print


Viewer is a communication tool, which makes it easy to share information. If your company has Analyzer licenses, your colleagues can download and use Viewer to open and view Analyzer data files.

It is important to point out that you cannot work with data and results in Viewer. For that you need Analyzer. In Viewer you can only apply the test data and settings available in the Analyzer file.

Viewer is designed for colleagues and partners that would like to monitor projects, with no need to make changes.



Pipeson Analyzer

   Work flow

The development and classification of materials, product certifications, design of new pipe constructions involves lots of people and lots of test data.

The work flow using Analyzer’s functionalities has been designed for you to accomplish your work successfully.

Data is easily imported from Excel or accessed via a Data Access System. With the data in Analyzer you can perform many different tasks:

  • Monitor projects
  • Regression analyses
  • Assess lifetime
  • Compare performance
  • Manage results
  • Communicate effectively


It is important to monitor projects, perform correct evaluations, draw correct conclusions, keep a good information management and communication capability.

The Analyzer functionality has been designed for everyone working with pressure pipe test data and evaluation results. The broad functionality and the a broad range and the working views are designed for different tasks.

  • Testing

  • Regression analyses

  • Line manager

  • Line lifetime

  • Compare

  • Communication



In the past years a lot of efforts have been made to develop evaluation methods, to design standard reference lines, to specify common requirements, service conditions and to provide application standards.

Today, we need to follow the decided rules and regulations. We need to classify materials, assess lifetime for different applications, perform quality control and work with product approvals.

  • Resin producers

  • Pipe producers

  • Testing institutes

   Start-up packages

Pipeson supports all new clients in the start up process. In addition to the standard support, which covers both user support and technical support, we offer start up packages.

A start up package include Analyzer licenses, implementation support and user trainings. Every start up package is tailored to fulfill the needs and requests of the individual new client.

Start today, the easy way!


Pipeson Data Access Systems

   System Overview

The Data Access System is designed for testing laboratories. The system provides a professional data and project management, and an effective channel for distribution of data.

Test data is loaded into the system from Excel or database. System administrators manage the data and provide data access to intended users.

Pipeson design all the Data Access Systems in close collaboration with the client, to assure that all your specific needs are fulfilled.



Data Access Systems are built using four main components, all purpose designed.

  • Test Database
  • Pipeson Web Service
  • Pipeson Access Manager
  • Pipeson Analyzer

Pipeson makes necessary adaptations of the components to fit your current data management structure and IT environment.




As testing lab you perform pipe tests for many different purposes e.g. research, product development, material classifications, product certifications, product validations and quality control.

It is important to have a professional and efficient work flow as time and accuracy are critical. You test data, work with data, communicate data and results.

A lot of added value and time savings can be obtained in all these steps, with a Data Access System.

  • Laboratories
  • Analyzer users

   User Cases

Pipeson have had the pleasure to work with Exova and Kiwa in the design of their Data Access Systems.

Both companies are accredited and fully independent, providing testing and evaluation services to the global plastics piping industry. Every year they start thousands of pipe tests.

Their common objective was to strengthen their internal project and data management, in order to provide improved client service. At the same time they wanted to provide full data access to all their clients around the world.

  • Exova Online system

  • Kiwa Online system








Free Evaluation


We design the optimal software solution for the specific needs in your organization. In close collaboration with you, we perform database mapping, create unique Excel mapping keys and create templates for a fast and seamless implementation.


In collaboration with your IT-department we install the Pipeson software suite on your computers and servers. We make sure that all is up and running and you can go straight ahead using your new software solution.






Get started with your new software and maximize the benefit of it in your organization. A web based software training is included for all new users. Advanced education services are available, and tailor made to meet the needs of the individual customer.


   Pipeson Cloud

Pipeson offers cloud based Pipe Data Flow Systems hosted on Pipeson servers. You manage your data with Pipeson Data Manager and you have global data access directly in Pipeson Analyzer.




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