Streamlined workflows

Kiwa is an independent, highly qualified organization with certification as their core activity. They are present in 40 countries around the world and their work is supported by inspection, testing, technology, training and consultancy services. The Kiwa testing services are accredited and fully independent and their mission is to provide expert services to assure and improve quality and safety of pipe materials and piping systems. The Kiwa/Pipeson collaboration dates back to 2008.

Kiwa is a global actor in the area of testing, with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Scandinavia, UK, Turkey and in China. They use the full Pipeson software suite for project management and data analysis and the online system for global and instant 24/7 data access.

“The Pipeson solution has optimized the internal and external workflow and it helps us minimize customer inquiry response time. It makes it fast and easy for us to update projects, to create data files and to communicate data”, says Marco Mekes, Manager Testing & Certification.

New certification management functionality

As of the fall 2015 Pipeson offers a certification management functionality as a part in the Pipeson Data Manager 2.0. Kiwa, being experts in the area of certification, played an integral role in the development of the new functionality.

“From time to time we see that materials- and plastic pipe producers fail to meet approval requirements and make renewals. We are proud to have contributed
in the development of a tool that helps our customers to stay in control throughout the entire certification lifecycle”, says Marco.

Comment by Pipeson, November 9, 2023: In the fall of 2023 Pipeson launched the Pipeson Certification Manager, which is 100’% focused on the management of product certifications. Kiwa continues to contribute with their expertise in our ongoing developments.