Higher In-House Efficiency

Henco Industries’ success story started with the vision of successful entrepreneur Louis Hendrickx. Louis started his first company in 1956 and was very successful in panel radiators. In 1992 he founded Henco Industries and the Henco multilayer pipe was born. Henco is today a member of Aalbers group and a complete system supplier producing multilayer pipes, fittings, manifolds, valves and more. In 2009, Henco started to work with Pipeson Analyzer.

”As a result of implementing Pipeson Analyzer we can do more of the work in-house. We still work closely with the institutes, but can also make our own calculations”, says Dirk Vroman Technical and Quality Manager of Product Certification at Henco Industries that among other things produce multilayer pipes, fittings, manifolds and valves.

Time saving web training

Henco got started using Pipeson Analyzer via the web based training.

”The training was short and effective, and provided us with all the knowledge we needed to get started. Any questions we have had since then have been answered quickly, and our suggestions have been used in the development of new functionalities that have speeded up our workflow even more”, says Dirk Vroman.

Logical and accessible

As a system supplier, Henco uses Pipeson Analyzer to work with the design of new products, certification of new products and quality control.

”Now we have most test data in Analyzer files and the linearized regression lines in the Line manager. We know how to apply the different functions for multilayer pipes and it is no problem to understand the logic of the new functionality. With the Kiwa Online system we also have full access to our ongoing projects at Kiwa”, says Dirk.