An efficient and user-friendly testing solution

Chevron Phillips Chemical (CPChem) manufactures chemicals and polymers that the world needs. Starting from the basic molecule, they make sure that the materials meet the highest standards for the intended end-use applications. In their pipe pressure testing facility in Bartlesville, OK, they currently have 1,100 hydrostatic pressure stations. With the new solution from IPT and Pipeson they can monitor the tests in real time, ensuring an efficient process and easy status updates for customers.

As the business and scope of CPChem’s projects for the development of pipe resins grew, it became increasingly obvious that the process of generating, collecting and transferring data manually was inefficient. Following a thorough market research process, CPChem decided to invest in a solution from IPT and to complement the current Pipeson Analyzer solution with Pipeson Data Manager for seamless data flow.

Previously a designated engineer would manually transfer the test data to Pipeson Analyzer. In the new solution the test data is transferred automatically to a central database, and all authorized personnel have access to current projects in real time, directly in Pipeson Analyzer.

“Information about the progress of the tests that we are tracking is just one click away and that allows us to make timely adjustments and make sure that the products we are testing will meet the requirements”, says Vic Rohatgi, Pipe Applications Manager.”

Data communication is efficient and error-free, and reports based on the latest data are always available for anyone with a license. The software also allows CPChem to obtain progress reports from third party testing, in a highly confidential and secure manner.

“Pipeson has a user-friendly interface. One does not have to be an expert to use it, and we always have the most current data right at our fingertips.”