Optimized project management

Element in Nyköping, Sweden, an independent testing institute specialized in tests for pressure pipes since 1973. They have a total capacity of 4,500 simultaneous hydrostatic pressure tests and can carry out 250 simultaneous tests for chlorine resistance. The mission is to provide superior testing and evaluation services, which form an integral part of material classifications, system certifications, and research and development projects. Element testing services are fully accredited and covers standardized tests and custom made tests. Element has been working with Pipeson since 2007.

”I estimate that our project managers can handle a project volume that is 25-30% larger as a result of the implementation of the Pipeson software. Pipeson Analyzer makes it easy to work with the data as well as to evaluate it and communicate the results”, says Mattias Svedberg, Senior Project Manager at Element.

Modern data management and online communication

Element has customers in 50 countries around the world, and traditional means of communication had its drawbacks.

”Phone and e-mail was made difficult as we have customers who operate in different time zones, and in some cases also by language confusion. The Pipeson solution allows all authorized individuals to have direct access to the relevant project information from their own screens via the Pipeson’s solution”, says Mattias.

Complete online platform

In September 2014 Element added multiple systems in order to manage all client data efficiently.

“Now we can offer our clients access to all of their historical test data as well as current test data. This will facilitate data management and help them put all available data to good use”, says Mattias.

In September 2015 the Element systems where migrated to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

“Moving from a local solution to the Pipeson hosted cloud solution has a number of benefits to us and our customers. It has eliminated the need for local IT system support, the data is extremely safe and we save money every year. This solution also provides our customers with faster data access since the cloud-based solution has better system resources. Another significant upside is the unlimited scalability; we can increase the capacity whenever we need, which guarantees our customers a continuous fast service”, says Mattias

Streamlined workflows

Kiwa is an independent, highly qualified organization with certification as their core activity. They are present in 40 countries around the world and their work is supported by inspection, testing, technology, training and consultancy services. The Kiwa testing services are accredited and fully independent and their mission is to provide expert services to assure and improve quality and safety of pipe materials and piping systems. The Kiwa/Pipeson collaboration dates back to 2008.

Kiwa is a global actor in the area of testing, with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Scandinavia, UK, Turkey and in China. They use the full Pipeson software suite for project management and data analysis and the online system for global and instant 24/7 data access.

“The Pipeson solution has optimized the internal and external workflow and it helps us minimize customer inquiry response time. It makes it fast and easy for us to update projects, to create data files and to communicate data”, says Marco Mekes, Manager Testing & Certification.

New certification management functionality

As of the fall 2015 Pipeson offers a certification management functionality as a part in the Pipeson Data Manager 2.0. Kiwa, being experts in the area of certification, played an integral role in the development of the new functionality.

“From time to time we see that materials- and plastic pipe producers fail to meet approval requirements and make renewals. We are proud to have contributed
in the development of a tool that helps our customers to stay in control throughout the entire certification lifecycle”, says Marco.

Comment by Pipeson, November 9, 2023: In the fall of 2023 Pipeson launched the Pipeson Certification Manager, which is 100’% focused on the management of product certifications. Kiwa continues to contribute with their expertise in our ongoing developments.

State of the art testing and communication

NSF International was founded in 1944 with the mission of protecting and improving global human health. NSF International is a global independent and accredited organization that writes standards, and tests and certifies products, providing education and risk management for the food, water and consumer goods industries. As a market leader in the area of plastic pipe testing and product certification, NSF establishes whether customers’ materials meet the various industry requirements.

NSF International’s pipe test lab uses IPT Airless Pressure Testers and IptDataLogging test data management software. Data communication is performed automatically via Pipeson software. Software from IPT and Pipeson are used to facilitate test data management, data communication and data evaluation.

“The integration of IptDataLogging and the Pipeson software suite has increased the efficiency of our lab. Previously the task of updating all projects was a manual process that took several hours. Now that the procedure is automated we update all running projects each morning, which means that our customers always have access to the most recent data. Automation also ensures 100% data integrity,” says Laura Schell, Principal Engineer.

“Having access to data that is updated on a daily basis also makes it easier for our lab staff to be proactive. They can identify trends that may become issues in the future at an early stage. Another significant benefit is that those of our customers who use the Pipeson software have 24/7 online access to the most recently updated test data.

Customized software solution

NSF International implemented the complete Pipe Data Flow System in 2013 and since then a number of new features have been developed in order to meet their specific data evaluation and data communication needs.

“Since the implementation we have worked closely with Pipeson in order to customize the solutions to our particular needs. It has been an enjoyable and efficient process and I have often had a draft of the feature I have requested within a week.”

Future proof test data communication

Pipeson’s online service, in combination with IPT software, is an integral part of a ‘future proof’
testing service.

“We move in the direction of considering it the most natural thing in the world to have instant access
to what we need when we need it. Test data is not an exception to this rule.”