Easy to use software for complex evaluations

Customer: Dow

Dow Europe is the leading provider of PE-RT materials that are used in a wide variety of applications. Different applications mean different requirements in design, which adds complexity to the testing. Today Dow uses Pipeson Analyzer all over the world as a tool for product- and application development and technical support.

”Pipeson Analyzer is a useful tool and our product development and technical service teams often use the regression analyses provided by testing institutes to perform new calculations. It’s much less time consuming than to work in Excel”, says Alex Stolarz, Development Engineer Pipe Applications.

”We work with both new test data and the results of completed ISO 9080 evaluations. Analyzer adds control and provides us with a better overview of our projects. It also makes it possible for us to compare the performance of different materials and formulations”, says Alex.

Easier to assess lifetime of materials

The ’line lifetime’ functionality makes it faster to assess the lifetime for both standardized and non-standardized end user applications.

”Our materials are often used for multilayer pipe system and the multilayer functionality in Analyzer is a great tool. We can provide our customers with good answers to their questions and they can also come to more conclusions on their own”, says Alex Stolarz.

User-friendly software

”We really appreciate the user friendliness and the automatic functions. Analyzer has been a great investment so far. We also really appreciate that testing institutes offer online access 24/7 directly in Pipeson Analyzer using the Pipeson platform. It saves us time and allows us to monitor the status and progress in our projects in an efficient way”, Alex Stolarz.