Cube Company

Improved Pipe Data Management

“We are mainly working with system suppliers and support certification work for pipes, fittings and systems. For us it is very important to have full control of all our clients test results. Before we started to work with Pipeson, most test data and test results were located in Excel files and PDF reports. It was difficult to get a good overview, keep control and quickly respond to customer requests. We decided to work together with Pipeson to improve our pipe data management”, says Christian Müller.

Complete control and fast data evaluations

Today, Pipeson helps us to keep control. We have the test data and results in a Pipeson project database with direct access to the data in Pipeson Analyzer. We can quickly get a full status overview and check different requirements for different approvals. Our clients are often working with new fittings, new pipe constructions and new applications. Working with Pipeson we can provide them with lifetime assessment for design purposes and product validations. Supported with some training, we do most work in-house and when needed we request evaluation services from Pipeson”, says Christian.

Broader range of services

“Working with Pipeson has been of great value for both Cube Company and our clients. We can offer a broader range of consultancy services and be more involved in our client’s product development. Pipeson services are professional and we highly regard our great cooperation”, says Christian.

About Cube Company

Cube Company is offering consultancy services in the field of certification and approval work. Cube Company supports this work with a great contact network of certification bodies and testing institutes. Today, Cube Company is working with certification bodies in over 50 countries. Certification procedures and requirements are under constant change. Cube Company follows the development all over the world, in order to fulfill the mission to provide superior consultancy services. Cube Company has been working with Pipeson since 2009.

Christian Müller

Managing Director
Cube Company