Kiwa is an independent highly qualified organization having certification as its core activity.
This work is supported by inspection, testing, technology, training and consultancy. Kiwa
is globally active in over forty countries. The Kiwa testing services are accredited and fully
independent with the mission to provide expert services to assure and improve quality and
safety of pipe materials and piping systems. In 2008 Kiwa started to work with Pipeson.

Application and use

We are working with producers of resin, producers of piping systems as well as utility companies. Basically, we work with all materials, all pipe constructions for all applications. We started performing lifetime predictions on own programmed software in the early 80’s until the first ISO/TR 9080 was developed, Kiwa has been present in the ISO working groups on ISO 9080 since the beginning. In 2008 we started to use the early versions of Pipeson Analyzer for regression analyses and certain requirements.

Today, Pipeson Analyzer is much more versatile, becoming a complete software tool for pressure pipe test data. We use Analyzer for all our testing projects. The benefits are clear. We can quickly monitor projects, plan and optimize pipe starts, manage and evaluate data according to all standards, predict cumulative damage, communicate information and discuss projects in client meetings.

Working with Analyzer makes our lives easier. We have control over our projects and can work with the data in a very efficient way. We appreciate that we have been invited to participate in the ongoing development of Analyzer. It is easy to work with Pipeson, they are very professional and respond quickly to our requests.

Principal values

  • Software is easy to learn and work with
  • Efficient work flow in project management
  • One software for all evaluation work
  • Manage all data and regression lines
  • Pf and Pc calculations for multilayer pipes
  • Effective project communication
  • Time savings
  • Great service


Marco Mekes
Manager Testing