Which are the file extensions used in Analyzer?

Analyzer work with different files. The files can be opened, exported and imported. This functionality makes it efficient to share information with other Analyzer users.

In Analyzer you will see “Import” and “Export” buttons when import and export is available.

Type Extension
Pipeson Data file *.pson
Pipeson Plugin file *.ppx
Pipeson Evaluation Report Form file *.eform
User defined properties forms *.pform
Pipeson Testing Report Form file *.tform
Pipeson Compare Files Library file *.pcfl
Pipeson Compare file *.pcmp
Pipeson Line Library file *.plib
Pipeson Line Lifetime Files Library file *.pllfl
Pipeson Line Lifetime file *.pllf
Design Coefficients file *.pdcf
Service Condition file *.pscf
Prediction Times file *.psonx