The Perfect Flow – Product Approvals

Risk Elimination

Pipeson’s Data Manager software has an approval management functionality, Approval Manager, that provides an additional layer of control and allows you to manage approvals for materials, pipes, fittings and piping systems with ease. It effectively prevents you from jeopardizing your business by failing to renew tests in time and helps you make sure that all approvals are valid on all prospective markets.

Approval Manager keeps all the information pertaining to approvals safe over time as it is stored in a central database. You and your colleagues will always know where to store the information and you can always go straight to the source to locate it.

Supervise approvals

  • Eliminate the risk of losing approvals.
  • Keep all your information pertaining to approvals safe over time.
  • Plan new approvals for new markets and applications.

Marco Mekes

Manager, Testing & Certification, Kiwa

From time to time we see that material- and plastic pipe producers fail to meet approval requirements and make renewals. It clearly has a direct impact on our customer’s businesses and it was an easy choice for us to contribute in the development of Pipeson Approval Manager that keeps you in control throughout the entire certification lifecycle.

Type Testing (TT)

Process Verification Testing (PVT) and Audit Testing (AT)

Process Management

Stay aware of exactly where you are in the approval process, what the next step is and when it needs to be taken. Stay perfectly informed and keep your customers up-to-date.

Status Tracking

Receive automatic alerts when action needs to be taken to maintain or renew your approval.

Approval Check

Check the requirements for a new approval. Know what you already fulfill and assess the additional efforts needed.

Test Management

Store and manage all the tests that are used for approvals in one central database where the information is easy to find for all users.

Information Hub

All data, information and documents are stored in one central location, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing. No data is ever lost or misplaced.