Pipeson Viewer

Project monitoring for everyone

    Work flow

Viewer is designed to be a communication tool, complementing Analyzer. Colleagues are often interested to follow the development of different projects. With Viewer your colleagues can open the Analyzer data file and view information.

With Viewer you can do the following tasks:

  • Monitor testing projects
  • Monitor evaluation projects
  • Communicate


The Viewer functionality has been designed to give a quick overview of a specific project. You can open Analyzer data files to view project information, test data and regression results. With the report function, you can also create reports with testing and evaluation graphs.

In Viewer you have:

  • Material information
  • Testing information
  • Project information
  • Test data table
  • Regression settings
  • Pressure testing graph
  • Regression graph
  • Strength prediction values
  • Copy and paste
  • Print


Viewer is a communication tool, which makes it easy to share information. If your company has Analyzer licenses, your colleagues can download and use Viewer to open and view Analyzer data files.

It is important to point out that you cannot work with data and results in Viewer. For that you need Analyzer. In Viewer you can only apply the test data and settings available in the Analyzer file.

Viewer is designed for colleagues and partners that would like to monitor projects, with no need to make changes.