Learn more – Data Access Systems

You are interested to learn more about Pipeson Data Access Systems. Our data access design team
provides professional advice during the entire process from initial meeting to delivery and installation.
Our assessment and development process is designed to provide maximum value and accuracy in
the system functionality. It is of great importance that Pipeson and the client work as close partners
in all data access projects.

Step 1 – Web meeting

Data Access Systems are highly effective tools for management and distribution of pressure test data. It will change your current way of working, providing an effective and professional work-flow. In the initial web meeting we will present the data access system and assess your current situation. We will provide a preliminary solution and a cost estimate for the complete system.

Step 2 – Design study

If you are interested to move forward, the second step is the design study. In the design study all areas of the complete data access system will be covered. A report with full technical specification and a project plan will be delivered after completion. The report will cover system design and recommendations to increase the internal level of efficiency.

Step 3 – System design

Pipeson will adapt and tailor all system components i.e. Data Access Database, Pipeson Web Service and Pipeson Access Manager, according to the technical specification. Your current way of working will be integrated in the complete system. The integration work and your future working procedures will be supported by Pipeson Database Sync, Pipeson Excel Import and Pipeson Database Modules.

Step 4 – Delivery

When the system design work has been completed, Pipeson will deliver installation package with manuals and instructions. Pipeson will support the installation and implementation with specialists on-site. After the installation is completed you will have an effective platform for project management, data management and data distribution. Your colleagues around the world can access test data 24/7 and download directly in Analyzer.

Pipeson provide full support of the Data Access Systems.

Web meeting

  • Presentation
  • Assessment
  • Preliminary solution
  • Cost estimate

Design study

  • Current working procedures
  • Wishes and expectations
  • Assess technical work
  • Technical specification

System design

  • Project plan
  • Customize components
  • System integration
  • Optimize working procedures


  • Installation package
  • Pipeson specialists on-site
  • Full support