Testing institutes

Analyzer is designed to support testing institutes all over the world. Working with Analyzer,
project monitoring, optimization of pipe starts, regression analyses, lifetime assessment and
project communication is quickly done. You will have complete overview of the data, easy to work
with the data and quickly draw correct conclusions. Equipped with Analyzer you will get the job
done with higher quality, in time.

Application and use

  • Manage test data of different projects
  • Manage different customer’s regression results
  • Monitor progress, plan and optimize pipe starts, shorten project times
  • Continuous monitoring of project objectives
  • Use already tested materials as a solid information platform
  • Compare data, regression lines and standard reference lines
  • Assess MRS, CRS, HDB and chlorine resistance
  • Assess lifetime for different applications and service conditions
  • Validation of conformity and calculation of test pressures for multilayer pipes
  • Use Analyzer to support successful project meetings
  • Communicate with customers, colleagues and partners

Key values

  • One software for all work with pipe test projects
  • Improved project and certification management
  • Perform all regression analyses faster
  • Easy to assess and validate performance
  • Faster project reporting and improved service
  • Maximize customer value and minimize cost
  • Effective internal and external communication