Resin producers

Analyzer is designed to support producers of ABS, PA, PB, PE, PE-RT, PEX, PP, PPSU and
PVC and other pipe and fitting materials. Working with Analyzer you will become more
efficient and use your resources in a better way. Analyzer will support your work with product
development, product management and technical support. All the needed regression methods
are available, lifetime predictions are easily made and you can compare any materials with
reference lines and regression lines.

Application and use

  • Manage and control test data of different materials and formulations
  • Manage regression lines of different materials and formulations
  • Monitor ongoing testing projects
  • Work with data and lines and obtain maximum information
  • Compare performance of different materials and formulations
  • Use already tested and evaluated materials as a solid information platform
  • Validate of conformity for modified materials
  • Predict lifetime to different service conditions
  • Present improvements of new materials
  • Communicate with colleagues, partners and customers
  • Provide better support to your customers

Key values

  • One software for all people working with test data
  • Improved research and development
  • Improved product management
  • Improved technical support
  • Improved internal evaluation capability
  • Faster decision making
  • Effective internal and external communication