Regression analyses

Analyzer supports various methods of regression analyses for all plastic pipe resins and pipe
constructions. Applied mathematics and statistics depends on the selected method.
In Analyzer you just select regression method and the settings, requirements control,
calculations and presentation of results will follow for that specific method.

Functionality overview

  • Quick to include and exclude regression data
  • Automatic distribution requirements control
  • Project completion time is estimated based on the available data
  • Automatic regression analyses of pressure test data (stress and pressure)
  • Automatic regression analyses of chlorine test data
  • Manual mode available for complex data sets
  • Save regression lines into the Line manager
  • Annotations can be drawn in the evaluation graph
  • Specific data points can be highlighted in the graph
  • Manual lines can be inserted and used for calculations


More about regression methods

Regression tools

  • Regression analysis graph
  • Data table
  • Requirements control for all methods
  • Save regression lines (LTHS, LPL, LCL)
  • LPL linearization according to ISO 21003
  • Pf calculator for multilayer pipes
  • LTHS Time calculator
  • SDR Stress calculator
  • PPI-TR 3 LTHS temperature interpolation
  • Test time completion estimation