Line manager

With the Line manager you can manage all ISO and DIN standard reference lines and your
saved regression lines. The standard reference lines for many materials are preloaded
i.e. ABS, PB, PE, PE-RT, PEX, PP, PPSU, PVC and PVDF. A regression line can be added
manually or automatically to the Line manager from the Evaluation view. Lines can also
be exported and imported for easy sharing.

Functionality overview

  • Preloaded with all standard reference lines
  • Standard reference lines are updated if standard change
  • Regression lines i.e. LTHS and LPL can be saved from the Evaluation view
  • User defined lines can manually be added to the Line manager
  • All lines in the Line manager can be used for Line lifetime calculations
  • All lines in the Line manager can be used for in the Compare view

Line manager tools

  • Line folders
  • Save regression lines
  • Create new lines
  • Save annotation line
  • Edit and copy lines
  • Export and import lines