Line lifetime

The Line lifetime functionality gives the possibility to perform strength predictions using
any line in the Line manager. Predictions at a specific temperature and time as well as
predictions of cumulative damage according to Miner’s rule can be performed. Analyzer is
prepared to work with both standardized applications and non-standardized.

Functionality overview

  • The Line lifetime view offers an easy work flow for basic and advanced calculations
  • Preloaded with design coefficients for water, gas and hot & cold water materials
  • Define and save new design coefficients
  • Preloaded with commonly applied standard service conditions
  • Create and save new service conditions
  • Calculate design stress/pressure for any given time
  • Calculate design time for any given stress/pressure
  • Apply thermal stability limits based on validated material performance
  • Calculate and save maximum test time (tmax) for thermal stability use
  • View thermal stability charts for all service conditions

Line lifetime tools

  • Line selection from Line manager
  • Single temperature calculations
  • Design pressure calculator
  • Design time calculator
  • Maximum test time calculator
  • Thermal stability control
  • SDR stress calculator
  • PPI TR-3 LTHS interpolation
  • Line lifetime file manager