Get started – Analyzer

You are interested to learn more about Pipeson Analyzer. We provide advice and full support
during the entire process. Our assessment and start-up process is based on experience from
working with over 70 companies worldwide.

Step 1 – Assessment

Pipeson Analyzer is a great software, if you have the need for it. The best way to find out is to participate in a web meeting. In the web meeting we will assess your current situation and see if Analyzer can provide desired value in terms of time and cost savings, and increased value from pressure tests. Pipeson will demo Analyzer functionality with focus on your areas of interest.

Step 2 – Software trial

If we are convinced that Analyzer can provide the desired values, we continue with a software trial. You will get access to the Pipeson downloads and you install the full version of Analyzer. During your 30 days trial you have full access to the unique Pipeson technical and user support. We also include a one hour web training during the trial.

Step 3 – Get Analyzer

When and if you decide to start to work with Analyzer we will help to get started in the most effective way. Together with you we design a start-up package containing the needed components. The start-up packages include software licenses, implementation support and user trainings.

Step 4 – Get your job done

Work with Analyzer and realize the benefits of working cost-effectively. Whenever you have any questions or need support of any kind, contact Pipeson. We will keep you going and help you to get your job done.

Analyzer subscriptions

The Analyzer subscription is a package including:

  • Analyzer software
  • Viewer software
  • Software updates
  • Getting started training
  • Technical support
  • User support

One year subscriptions

Number of licenses Price
One user EUR 1,400
Two users EUR 2,400
Three users EUR 3,100
Five users EUR 4,200
Ten users EUR 6,600

Start-up packages

  • Analyzer three users
  • Implementation support
  • Intermediate user training

Price example: EUR 4,400