Analyzer provides many options for effective communication, both internal and external.
You can access test data directly from testing laboratories with Data Access Systems.
You work with projects in Analyzer and when you would like to communicate information,
lots of options are available. Select the information that you would like to share and choose
the format. Analyzer data files can be opened in both Analyzer and Viewer

Communication overview

  • Analyzer file contains all data and information
  • Copy and paste any data table or results tables
  • Copy and paste any graph
  • Create customized reports in the report editor
  • Export and share Lines from the Line manager
  • Export and share Line lifetime files
  • Export and share Compare files
  • Export and share report forms and time templates
  • Prepare presentations and present using Analyzer
  • Communicate internally with colleagues
  • Communicate externally with suppliers, partners and customers

Communication tools

  • Distribute data files
  • Export, share and import files
  • Copy and paste
  • Create reports
  • Draw annotations in graph