Pipeson Analyzer

Get the job done quick, easy and correct

   Work flow

The development and classification of materials, product certifications, design of new pipe constructions involves lots of people and lots of test data.

The work flow using Analyzer’s functionalities has been designed for you to accomplish your work successfully.

Data is easily imported from Excel or accessed via a Data Access System. With the data in Analyzer you can perform many different tasks:

  • Monitor projects
  • Regression analyses
  • Assess lifetime
  • Compare performance
  • Manage results
  • Communicate effectively


It is important to monitor projects, perform correct evaluations, draw correct conclusions, keep a good information management and communication capability.

The Analyzer functionality has been designed for everyone working with pressure pipe test data and evaluation results. The broad functionality and the a broad range and the working views are designed for different tasks.

  • Testing

  • Regression analyses

  • Line manager

  • Line lifetime

  • Compare

  • Communication



In the past years a lot of efforts have been made to develop evaluation methods, to design standard reference lines, to specify common requirements, service conditions and to provide application standards.

Today, we need to follow the decided rules and regulations. We need to classify materials, assess lifetime for different applications, perform quality control and work with product approvals.

  • Resin producers

  • Pipe producers

  • Testing institutes

   Start-up packages

Pipeson supports all new clients in the start up process. In addition to the standard support, which covers both user support and technical support, we offer start up packages.

A start up package include Analyzer licenses, implementation support and user trainings. Every start up package is tailored to fulfill the needs and requests of the individual new client.

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