The perfect pipe data flow

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Increased business performance

With the Pipe Data Flow System you will optimize data management, simplify data evaluation and streamline communication.

  • Reduce costs and increase levels of profitability
  • Improve capacity utilization and efficiency
  • Increase quality and customer satisfaction
Save time by minimizing data administration. Maintain 100% data integrity and increase quality by removing unnecessary manual data entries. Improved capacity utilization allows the lab to perform more tests.

Optimized and streamlined data management

IptDataLogging test data management software contains all features needed to efficiently manage test projects in your pipe lab. The software monitors the tests and collects all data in real time. Project information and test parameters are just entered once, as IptDataLogging is 100% compatible with Pipeson software.

The most recent data of all projects are transferred to a central Pipeson project database in a matter of seconds. 100% correct data every time by removing the manual data entry. Most recent data is always available to all stakeholders with Pipeson software.

Seamless communication

An automated solution generates accurate and fast data transfer, increasing the level of control and agility in your test projects.

IptDataLogging and Pipeson Data Manager are fully compatible and 100% integrated, allowing automatic data transfers from the pipe lab to the stakeholders.

Fast and easy analysis according to all relevant standards. Predict cumulative damage with varying temperature, pressure and time. Perform regression analyses for both water- and chlorine test data. Evaluate according to ISO 9080, ASTM D2837, PPI TR-3, ASTM F2023, CSA B137, AWWA C909 and DIN 16887.

Put your test data to work

Pipeson Analyzer increases the speed and quality of data evaluation and is designed to evaluate pipe data according to national and international standards. It’s packed with easy-to-use functionalities and users can easily extract all the available information from the data. Project monitoring, regression analyses, lifetime assessments, performance comparisons are only a mouse click away.

Facilitate the process of product approval by speeding up the communication with the certification bodies. Respond quickly to customer requests by fast data access and data processing. Communicate the findings in a format that best suit the recipients e.g. graphs, tables and reports.

Communicate the findings

Pipeson Analyzer makes it easy to communicate the findings in a format that suits both internal and external stakeholders. Graphs, tables and reports are generated quickly, automatically and error free.

Pipeson software allows you to spend less time with data administration and to increase your focus on communicating the right information to colleagues, customers, certification bodies and other stakeholders.

Automatic updates from the internal lab saves time for all departments working with data. All data and project information is managed in one central database, providing complete control and fast access of all project data. Online systems, based on the Pipeson software platform, make project updates from testing institutes fast and easy. Manage and monitor all projects, product information and approvals with one comprehensive solution.

Bird’s eye view of the projects

Pipeson Data Manager collects project data and information from internal pipe labs and external testing institutes and provides you with fast access to all available information. The new product management and approval management functionality allows users to easily and efficiently collaborate in test projects and product approvals.

Development partners

Pipeson has successfully been working together with industry leaders for many years. Our software solutions are under constant development to further support your innovation, quality assurance and pipe data workflows.

Strategic development partners:

Borealis, Dow, Exova, Georg Fischer, IPT, Kiwa, LyondellBasell, NSF, Viega and Wavin.

Pipe Data Flow Excellence Index

A perfect pipe data flow generates time saving and quality assurance by reducing the number of manual steps and replacing them with automatic processes. Together with a number of our customers Pipeson has quantified the effect implementing a complete Pipe Data Flow System.

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