Pipe Data Flow Excellence

Pipeson use the expression “Pipe Data Flow Excellence” as an index of the efficiency in the handling of test data, from the lab to the data users including all the stakeholders in our customer’s organizations.

We have identified a number of common obstacles to obtain efficiency in terms of time and quality. Pipeson has in collaboration with IPT designed a software solution that removes these obstacles to obtain time savings and quality assurance.

We call it the perfect flow

1. Manage test data in lab

2. Communicate data from lab

3. Evaluate to obtain findings

4. Communicate the findings

Optimized data entry

  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Assure quality and control
Streamlined data availability

  • Standardized data format
  • Most recent data available in real time
Simplified data evaluation

  • Preloaded with standard compliance tools
  • Automatic analytical tools
Effective communication

  • Automatic generation of graphs, tables and reports
  • Fast export and dissemination

Pipe Data Flow Excellence Index

By replacing manual steps with automated processes it is possible to increase the level of efficiency in the pipe data workflow. The automated processes are implemented to optimize data management, simplify data evaluation and streamline communication.

The Pipe Data Flow Excellence Index is a measurement of time efficiency and quality.

The parameters we use when quantifying the effects are: software tools, work flow, number of tested pipes, the frequency of data updates, data communication, evaluation and communication of findings.


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