Kiwa and Pipeson collaboration

Kiwa and Pipeson have been partners since 2008. Our common goal is to contribute to a positive development in the plastic pipe industry as a whole by adding value in different ways. Kiwa provides the know-how that’s needed to tweak Pipeson’s tools, with a particular focus on multilayer pipe functionality.

Kiwa Online was launched in 2011 providing all Kiwa clients with 24/7 online data access. The launch was also the starting point of the development of the complete Pipe Data Flow System.

About Kiwa

Kiwa is an independent organization with certification and testing as its core business. Kiwa operates on an international market and is present in over forty countries. The Kiwa testing services are accredited and fully independent.


To learn more about the Kiwa data communication services, please contact Marco Mekes at

For any support questions related to Pipeson software, please contact Pipeson support at

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