Article Management

10 April 2019

Pipeson have initiated a new development project supported by Rich Houle, Director of Codes and Standards and Daniel Pierce, Manager of Codes and Standards at RWC. The objective is to design functionality to perfectly manage certifications and listings for product articles.

  • Keep article certification work centralized and coordinated
  • Fast auditing
  • Sustainability over time

v3.2.6 Maintenance release

1 July 2015

  • Minor fixes and improvements
  • Major release planned in autumn 2015

v3.2.5 Maintenance release

13 February 2015

  • Minor fixes and improvements

v3.2.4 Maintenance release

25 April 2014

  • Test time completion for ASTM D2837 and all PPI TR-3 levels
  • Continue to work in Evaluation view with Calculators open
  • Graph legends have dynamic sizes
  • Faster Excel import by also mapping the Data units
  • New customization options for reports – hide excluded temperatures

v3.2.3 Maintenance Release

21 January 2014

  • Regression lines from Evaluation view can be selected in Line lifetime view
  • Regression lines from Evaluation view can be used in Compare tools
  • PPI TR-3 distribution requirements added to ASTM D2837 evaluation
  • PPI TR-3 distribution added to Test time completion tool
  • Customize font size in graphs
  • Add horizontal lines (stress/pressure lines) in graphs
  • Fast printing option in tables and graphs

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