Exova Online in the cloud

16 December 2015

“Migrating from our local solution to the cloud was a manageable maneuver that we took care of during a weekend. It was up and running in a couple of hours”, says Mattias Svedberg at Exova that recently migrated their Pipeson solution from a locally hosted server to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Moving from a local solution to the cloud has eliminated the need for local IT system support.

“For me, who manages the lab, it’s valuable to know that I will not have to spend time and money on system maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting or technology infrastructure. We will save money every year and yet provide better service”, says Mattias Svedberg.

Pipeson’s cloud solution meets the service and security requirements stipulated by Exova’s central IT function.

“We manage important data that needs to be secure as well as available to our customers when they need it. This is a high availability solution, and the fact that Microsoft has adopted the international cloud privacy standard ISO 27018 was also important to us.”

Exova’s customers get faster access to their data via the Pipeson cloud solution.

“This solution actually provides our customers with faster access to their data since the cloud-based solution has better system resources. We can increase the capacity whenever we need, which guarantees our customers a continuous fast service.”

NSF International provides 24/7 online data access

6 March 2015

We are excited to present the most recent addition to the Pipeson online family: The NSF web platform. It is based on Pipeson software and provides NSF customers with 24/7 access to the most recent version of their test data.

Data can be accessed either via Pipeson Analyzer or Pipeson Data Manager. The NSF plugin (encrypted data access key) is loaded into the Pipeson software and grants the user access to the projects the user is authorized to view.

Please contact your Program Manager at NSF to receive your NSF plugin file. In case that you are currently not using Pipeson software there is a free 3-month trial offer that will allow you to test and assess the new online solution at no additional cost to you. To help you get started the software trial includes a two hour web based software training.

If you are not currently performing HDS testing with NSF International, please contact Nasrin Kashefi at the NSF International’s Program office at to get started.

Not yet using Pipeson Analyzer? Send an e-mail to to get started with your free software trial.

Kiwa Magazine December 2014

15 December 2014

The Pipeson and Kiwa collaboration that has resulted in the Kiwa Online system is featured in the latest edition of Kiwa Magazine.

“Our common goal is to add value to our customers and to contribute to a positive development of the plastic pipe industry as a whole”, says Kiwa’s Marco Mekes.

Follow the link to read the full article on page 15 in the magazine: Kiwa Magazine December 2014


New approval management functionality

29 October 2014

Kiwa is a market leader in the area of certification and they are specialized in certification guidelines and product standards for approvals. The Kiwa mark is a highly respected; and having their stamp of approval on your product carries significant weight across the globe.

In collaboration, Pipeson and Kiwa have created a new functionality in Pipeson Data Manager, called Approval Management. Just like the name suggest, this new functionality will make it easier for our customers to follow the approval processes and to manage product approvals over time.

”Certification is in itself not a complex process and having all the testing requirements in a clear overview makes it very straight forward work. The Approval Management tool makes it easy to meet the typical international product standards”, says Marco Mekes.

Approval Management is based on Kiwa design and on their knowledge of product standards, certification guidelines and customer needs. It will be launched to current clients of Pipeson Data Manager in January as a part of the new Pipeson Data Manager 2.0.

Exova launches new service

16 September 2014

Exova has launched a new service called Exova Client Data Management providing customers with 24/7 online access to data of completed projects. The solution is based on the Pipeson Pipe Data Flow System platform. It saves time as it provides all authorized individuals with instant access to the data. Communication becomes seamless and it’s easy to find both current and historical data.

“All our customers that have performed tests at Exova, can benefit from this service.  It saves time and generates additional value from the data”, says Mattias Svedberg.

Exova clients who already use Pipeson Analyzer or Pipeson Data Manager only need an encrypted data key to tap into this data resource instantly.


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