Innovation via collaboration

6 September 2016

I grew up in the time before the remote control. In order to change between one of the two public service channels that were offered in Sweden I had to get out of the couch and manually push a button. That’s quite different from how it is today. If my children can’t find the remote control, they simply won’t watch TV.

It’s my firm belief that you get the best ideas from those who rely on a particular product or service in their daily lives. I would for instance imagine that the idea of the remote control was hatched by someone who wanted to be able to flip through the channels without leaving the bowl of popcorn unattended. That’s exactly why we stay in close contact with the users of our software.

Combining our solutions with our customers’ creativity and know-how will generate new ideas that wouldn’t have seen the light of day if all of our development work was conducted behind closed doors. And I am very happy and grateful that we have engaged users who are eager to share their ideas with us. In fact, we have a number of great examples of how our customers and partners have made important contributions to the Pipeson software solutions.

Pipeson’s Online System is a result of a close collaboration with Exova. They came to us with the idea of allowing customers 24/7 online access to test data. Today that’s a reality and it has greatly improved global project communication.

The material experts at Georg Fischer in Schaffhausen, Switzerland saw the need for Miner’s rule calculations with varying temperatures, pressures and times, and today it is possible for our customers to perform cumulative damage calculations for more complex service conditions.

LyondellBasell approached us and shared their need for a solution that would help them to keep track of when actions need to be taken to renew or update an approval. The time intervals at which actions need to be taken are between 6 months to 5 years which makes it easy to forget. Today the Pipeson Approval Management facilitates all aspects of approval management.

I am also very happy about the fact that we currently are developing a test program functionality in collaboration with IPT, which you can read more about in the article below.

My wishes for an innovative fall.

Daniel Lindqvist

From niche product to comprehensive tool

7 April 2016

Pipeson’s original business concept was to create a dedicated tool for regression analysis of pressure pipe test data with focus on ISO 9080, and when we launched Pipeson Analyzer 1.0 at the Plastic Pipes conference in Budapest in 2008 it was received well. As it turns out that tool was too narrow so we got to work refining and developing it further. The number of users increased steadily as we added new functionalities that made it possible for our customers to compare data, and reference/regression lines to perform more advanced calculations such as Miner’s rule.

In order to address a need that several customers pointed out to us, the next big developmental leap was to create a solution that would assist our customers with the time consuming task of data import. We started to address this challenge together with Exova in 2009, which resulted in Exova Online and the first Pipeson Data Manager, allowing automatic data import from a wide variety of sources. In 2012 we teamed up with IPT to enable seamless data transfer of test data from the IptDataLogging database to the Pipeson software.

Upon launch of Pipeson Data Manager, customers with large quantities of data loved the system and gave us feedback that it would be beneficial if it were possible to administer other types of data within the same framework. So we got to work and developed the approval management functionality in close collaboration with Kiwa. It’s a tool that allows our customers to stay on top of the administration of product- and material approvals as well as renewals. It’s a useful tool for all materials- and pipe producers, not just for companies with large quantities of pressure pipe test data.

Our solutions have been under constant development over the years and in 2013 we teamed up with NSF International to design new functionalities with a focus on standards and regulations in North America. But although our solutions are under constant change – our mission remains the same. We are dedicated to provide software solutions that will make the workday easier for people in the plastic pipe industry and that will increase business performance and growth.

Daniel Lindqvist

Enjoy the cloud

16 December 2015

I am very proud to announce that as of September this year Pipeson’s solutions are available as cloud-based services. For you as a customer it means that the initial implementation will be a lot easier than it was before, as it will not affect your local IT-environment. It also means that it will be easier to be a customer over time, as Pipeson will handle all of the central system updates, maintenance and backups for you.

But can this new technology really be trusted? The short answer is yes. Cloud services are well inside the box these days and adhere to ISO/IEC 27018 that sets the standard for the protection of information in the cloud. And as a matter of fact, most of us have already been using services such as cloud storage; webmail and Office 365 for quite some time, and cloud-based services will continue to become more important for our lives and businesses. In fact, Forbes predicts that 57% of the business’ databases and 60% of their applications will be hosted on a cloud platform in two years.

Currently, Microsoft and IBM are the two leading suppliers of cloud infrastructure and we have chosen Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, hosted in Microsoft datacenters, as their service was a better fit for the needs of both our clients and us. It is a high availability solution that delivers excellent performance and it has the highest possible level of security.

If you are not already a Pipeson customer, then this is the time to take the plunge. It has never been this easy to get started. And if you already are a Pipeson customer, who wants to enjoy the benefits of the Pipeson cloud solution, we will help you migrate to the cloud at no charge. Our goal is that 80% of Pipeson applications and databases are hosted in the cloud by the end of 2016. Just give us a call or send an e-mail and we’ll make it happen.

Daniel Lindqvist

Realizing the vision

7 July 2015

When we started Pipeson back in 2008 we did so with the vision of making a mark in the plastic pipe industry. Our goal was to supply tools that would revolutionize data communication, analysis and management and to make a real impact on the people who work with pressure pipe test data on a daily basis. But it was also about proving to ourselves that we had what it takes to run a successful business.

Pipeson Analyzer was the first product that we developed. It’s a very clever solution that generates a great business value, but it is a niche product focusing on the evaluation of pressure test data. Since then we have developed solutions that generate great benefits for an extended user group and added the online data access and automated updates from IptDataLogging. Pipeson Data Manager was launched in 2012 and over the years we have, in collaboration with our customers and partners, continuously added functionalities to all of our products in order to make them useful in a greater number of application areas. In August, Pipeson’s solutions also take the step into the cloud which you can read more about below.

Upon the launch of Pipeson Data Manager 2.0 this fall we have added approval management functionality that provides an additional layer of control to the management of plastic pipe data and information. Pipeson Data Manager 2.0 provides our customers with a comprehensive view of the status of all their material- or product projects. It will enhance control; facilitate communication and management of test data, as well as making it easier for everybody who works with the data to collaborate.

Another important detail that I feel particularly proud of is the fact that our system is fully compatible with the recently launched IptDataLogging v6. I feel confident that it will open up a world of new possibilities for the IPT/Pipeson clients.

So where do I find my motivation these days? I recently asked myself this question and just like before my answer is that I love the idea of contributing to sharpening the competitive edge of the plastic pipe industry and to make life easier for the people using our products. I am particularly happy and proud to see that the solutions that Pipeson supplies put our users in control. It elevates them from routine tasks to qualified and creative work.

Daniel Lindqvist

Progress demands change

6 March 2015

The world is under constant change and the competition becomes fiercer by the minute. We all know that staying in the game today requires some serious focus. And focus is good; necessary even. But intense focus needs to be alternated with periods of openness to change. When we start thinking that we are too busy to invest any of our time in developing our business, the business we work so hard to see succeed starts to stagnate.

At Pipeson we continuously ask ourselves if we are doing the right things, if we are doing them often enough and if we are using the right tools. We want to do as little as possible out of old habit and as much as possible for exactly the right reasons. To us all change boils down to delivering the world’s best Pipe Data Flow solutions. And to our customers, who took the time to change the way they administer and analyze their test data – that change generates great time savings and quality assurance.

Daniel Lindqvist

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