Pipeson's portfolio

7 April 2016

We understand that a streamlined, uninterrupted workflow is a key factor in optimizing your business in terms of quality and efficiency, and in meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations. Currently 70 companies on four continents use our software solutions in order to optimize evaluation, manage pressure test data and to streamline communication and collaboration.

Pipeson Analyzer is a complete tool for data evaluation and communication of findings.

Pipeson Data Manager manages all aspects of projects and approvals including data and documents.

New Functionality
Approval Management is the most recently added functionality in the Pipeson Data Manager. It allows you to manage approvals for materials, pipes, fittings and piping systems with ease and provides an additional layer of control. It effectively prevents you from jeopardizing your business by failing to renew approvals in time and helps you to make sure that all approvals are valid on all prospective markets.

Approval Manager keeps all the information pertaining to approvals safe over time, as it is stored in a central database. You and your colleagues will always know where to store the information and you can always go straight to the source to locate it.

Cloud-based Service
Pipeson’s software can be installed either locally, partly or completely in the cloud. Pipeson Cloud is a ‘Software as a Service’ – (SaaS) solution. It is based on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform and hosted in Microsoft datacenters. Microsoft has developed rigorous security guidelines laid out in the Operational Security Assurance (OSA) process. Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards e.g. the international cloud privacy standard ISO 27018.