Realizing the vision

7 July 2015

When we started Pipeson back in 2008 we did so with the vision of making a mark in the plastic pipe industry. Our goal was to supply tools that would revolutionize data communication, analysis and management and to make a real impact on the people who work with pressure pipe test data on a daily basis. But it was also about proving to ourselves that we had what it takes to run a successful business.

Pipeson Analyzer was the first product that we developed. It’s a very clever solution that generates a great business value, but it is a niche product focusing on the evaluation of pressure test data. Since then we have developed solutions that generate great benefits for an extended user group and added the online data access and automated updates from IptDataLogging. Pipeson Data Manager was launched in 2012 and over the years we have, in collaboration with our customers and partners, continuously added functionalities to all of our products in order to make them useful in a greater number of application areas. In August, Pipeson’s solutions also take the step into the cloud which you can read more about below.

Upon the launch of Pipeson Data Manager 2.0 this fall we have added approval management functionality that provides an additional layer of control to the management of plastic pipe data and information. Pipeson Data Manager 2.0 provides our customers with a comprehensive view of the status of all their material- or product projects. It will enhance control; facilitate communication and management of test data, as well as making it easier for everybody who works with the data to collaborate.

Another important detail that I feel particularly proud of is the fact that our system is fully compatible with the recently launched IptDataLogging v6. I feel confident that it will open up a world of new possibilities for the IPT/Pipeson clients.

So where do I find my motivation these days? I recently asked myself this question and just like before my answer is that I love the idea of contributing to sharpening the competitive edge of the plastic pipe industry and to make life easier for the people using our products. I am particularly happy and proud to see that the solutions that Pipeson supplies put our users in control. It elevates them from routine tasks to qualified and creative work.

Daniel Lindqvist