Pipeson system in the cloud

7 July 2015

Come this fall Pipeson’s solutions will be available in the cloud. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is based on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform and hosted in Microsoft datacenters. The implementation in the Pipeson cloud solution is really fast and it allows our customers to start working in a matter of hours. Pipeson’s cloud solution is the most cost efficient license model and central system upgrades and maintenance is included.

“Rather than initiating an internal IT project that takes a long time and utilizes in-house resources the system is set up by Pipeson. The implementation becomes a fast and easy operation as the server part of the system is ready to go. Pipeson will maintain and upgrade the system, which means that the internal IT costs for system maintenance is reduced to a minimum. PC software can either be installed on your local PC’s or run directly from Microsoft Azure RemoteApps. All our customers need from us is their username and a password”, says Vladimir Galić, Software Designer at Pipeson.

Pipeson Cloud Service provides the customer with a high availability solution that delivers excellent performance. It is also has the highest level of security.

“Moving the applications and data into the cloud actually increases the level of performance and security. That is one of the main reasons why 57% of Fortune 500 companies already rely on Azure”, says Vladimir Galić.

Benefits of the cloud-based solution:

  • Fast and seamless implementation
  • Central upgrades and system maintenance
  • Requires a minimum of in-house IT-resources
  • Access applications from any device