Pipeson Data Manager 2.0 – coming this September

7 July 2015

In September a new version of Pipeson Data Manager will see the light of day. Compared to the previous version of Pipeson Data Manager the scope has been greatly extended, and it has evolved from exclusively housing plastic pipe test data to also managing approvals for different countries and applications throughout the material- or product lifecycle. The approval management functionality has been developed in close collaboration with Kiwa and LyondellBasell.

Pipeson Data Manager 2.0 now is a comprehensive data management system providing a framework for the most important plastic pipe test data and all other information and documentation pertaining to testing and approval. Once the information is in the system it provides a complete overview of what testing has been performed and the current status of all material- and product approvals. Having all information in one structured place, independent of any one person, makes it easy to verify testing and data is never lost or misplaced. The status of all tests is always available allowing you to respond to customer queries much faster. The system will clearly indicate when action needs to be taken, for example when an approval is about to expire and measures to renew it need to be initiated.

These new features make Pipeson Data Manager 2.0 useful not only for organizations with large quantities of pressure pipe test data, but also to any organization who works with product approvals such as material producers, pipe manufacturers and testing institutes. Pipeson Data Manager 2.0 does not only administer pressure test data that is used in Pipeson Analyzer but also all kinds of data and documents pertaining to all parts of the approval process.

Take 2.0 for a test drive!

As of August we will have ten complete cloud based test-environments. Send us an e-mail if you are interested in testing the new functionalities in Pipeson Data Manager 2.0