Progress demands change

6 March 2015

The world is under constant change and the competition becomes fiercer by the minute. We all know that staying in the game today requires some serious focus. And focus is good; necessary even. But intense focus needs to be alternated with periods of openness to change. When we start thinking that we are too busy to invest any of our time in developing our business, the business we work so hard to see succeed starts to stagnate.

At Pipeson we continuously ask ourselves if we are doing the right things, if we are doing them often enough and if we are using the right tools. We want to do as little as possible out of old habit and as much as possible for exactly the right reasons. To us all change boils down to delivering the world’s best Pipe Data Flow solutions. And to our customers, who took the time to change the way they administer and analyze their test data – that change generates great time savings and quality assurance.

Daniel Lindqvist