How much time can you save?

6 March 2015

Now there’s a tool that can calculate how much time your organization will save by optimizing the pipe test data workflow. IPT and Pipeson have analyzed the testing and data evaluation process and identified 14 separate steps from start to finish. One of our customers that perform 500 pipe tests each year implemented the complete Pipe Data Flow System, reduced the number of manual steps from 14 to 3 and report an annual time saving of 600 labor hours. And that’s not even counting the benefits achieved by the assured quality and certainty that both data and evaluations are correct. We’ll be happy to assess the number of manual steps that you can reduce from your test process and make an estimate of hours saved.

If you are using IPT and Pipeson software to manage and evaluate your test data today there could be even more time and money to be saved now as there are a number of new functionalities in IptDataLogging v6 and Pipeson software that can optimize your dataflow even further.