Celebrating our victories

13 November 2014

Most of us tend to keep our eyes set on the target ahead and rarely take more than a few seconds to reflect upon our achievements. I am definitely one of those people, but something happened this year at the Plastic Pipes Conference in Chicago that made me realize that it indeed is time to celebrate.

We met with quite a few customers who shared stories about how well the software works for them. But what’s more, a significant number of people who are not yet Pipeson customers came to talk to us because they had heard good things about us.

To me this serves a receipt that Pipeson provides a valuable service and that we are well under way of creating what we envisioned at the start of the of the company seven years back: A communication standard that provides the actors in the plastic pipe industry with automated processes for data transfer, excellent tools for data analysis and seamless communication of the findings.

A lot of companies work more efficiently today because of Pipeson Data Manager, Pipeson Analyzer and Pipeson Web Service. A number of them have also built their own communication platforms based on the Pipeson software, in order to provide better services to their customers and to stay competitive. Kiwa, NSF and Exova’s customers now have real time access to updated test data via online systems.

It makes us proud to know that Pipeson’s tools add real value and we are excited to launch the next version of Pipeson Data Manager early in 2015. New in this launch is a tool for management of product approvals that we write about in a separate article in this newsletter. It’s a feature many of our customers have asked for and it will make Pipeson Data Manager an even more pronounced platform for collaboration.

Daniel Lindqvist