Transform the lab

10 May 2013

Transform the lab and turn it to gold!

Pipeson’s goal is not a small one: We aim to transform the labs across the world from suppliers of test data into strategic value adding entities. Because we know that if the labs change the way they work the rest of the organizations will perceive them in an entirely new light and see their true value. Does it sound like a lofty goal? To us it’s as clear as daylight! We know that by working in a smarter way the labs can contribute far beyond their current task of testing and providing data.

By using modern equipment and software the lab can reduce the amount of manual work and speed up the processes. You can deliver test results that are accurate and up to date to customers and internal stakeholder’s only seconds after they request it.  The accuracy and speed of the information transfer also adds a new level of transparency, which in turn enhances control and agility to the development projects.

And in addition to receiving the data quickly, a software solution will provide the data in an intelligible format. The user will not have to spend any time on getting it sorted out. Neither the labs nor the stakeholders have to settle for just plain data anymore. By structuring the data via a software solution you get something that is far more superior – you get information!

Now the data users can move straight ahead to analysis and conclusion, and with the right information at hand they will no doubt make more intelligent decisions.

By changing the way the lab works you will add increased efficiency, quality and control in the projects and contribute to making the business more competitive. By moving from the role of “data pusher” into an agile information provider, the lab is transformed into an entity that makes an even greater contribution to the business.

Daniel Lindqvist