Structure supports sustainability

22 November 2012

Sustainability was one of the key words at this year’s Plastic Pipes Conference. The environment is something that concerns all of us, and sustainability needs become a natural part of everything we do. And seen from and environmental perspective, plastic is a good choice. Ductile iron and copper pipes have a CO2 footprint that exceeds that of plastic with between five to ten times, and we are happy to say that our solutions can contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint even further.

So how does the Pipe Data Flow System support sustainability? For starters, everything we do is for the long term. With our Data Management it will be just as easy to find and use data that was generated ten years ago as it is to get a hold of the most recent test data. Obviously we are all for recycling of plastic pipes, and it is just as natural that we should reuse old test data as much as possible. That’s why we say that structure supports sustainability!

From a very hands-on perspective we contribute to less paper being printed by supporting “digital work”.  The Pipeson data files have reduced the need for printed reports. And by offering the right people access to the right data directly from the databases regardless of where they are located in the world, we are sure that we contribute to less travelling. Now it is easy to get a clear view of the project right on the screen, and web meetings become much more efficient.  Our “Analyzer” is a great presentation tool that, among other things, allows you to show test data in graphs and result tables that are easy to interpret.

After meeting with our customers at the conference I feel more confident than ever saying: We solve real problems faced by labs, users working with data and other actors in the industry each day. And by helping our customers work more effectively, and streamline their processes, we help them stretch the resources further. We can contribute to sustainable “Pipe Data Flows” in all companies around the world, and we know that will make a difference for both the business and the environment.

We are looking forward to continue serving your business and wish you the best of luck for the rest of the year.

Daniel Lindqvist