Pipeson Analyzer 3.1.6

22 November 2012

New version of Pipeson Analyzer is now available for download. We try to constantly improve Pipeson Analyzer by listening to requests from our users. In 2012 we have focused on simplifying the user interface and to reduce manual work. Now Analyzer is easier to use, which help you to get the job done faster.

New in version 3.1.6

  • Line manager – New standard reference lines for PB-R (ISO 12230 and DIN 16968)
  • All graphs – Increased picture quality for copy and paste
  • Compare view – Automatic assignment of line colors
  • Example data – The new example data sets in ISO 9080:2012 are preloaded

Top ranked recently added functionalities

  • Excel data import – New functionality allows data import from more complex Excel sheets
  • Time simulation – Look into the future by simulating longer test times for ongoing tests
  • Calculation of control points for multilayer pipes according to ISO 21003/ISO 17456/DVGW W542
  • Calculation of test pressures for multilayer pipe systems according to ISO 21003 part 5
  • Calculation of design stresses/pressures according to ISO 10508
  • Test time completion – Calculate the date when the required time distribution is fulfilled

New development

We will continue to develop new functionalities in collaboration with our users. We are currently working on a number of functionalities together with a pipe system supplier, which will be available in Q1 2013.

  • Miner’s rule calculations for conditions with both varying temperature and pressure
  • Calculation of derating factors based on regression lines and standard reference lines
  • Arrhenius calculations