Pipe Data Flow System

19 September 2012

The Pipe Data Flow System is a solution for optimized data management. Today, a large part of the test data communication takes place manually, which is inefficient and expensive. It slows down the testing process and manual data entry comes at a significant risk of human error.

“We developed the Data Flow System to create an effective flow of data from the labs to the different stake holders throughout a company and to the outside. Data needs to flow smoothly both internally and externally. Information needs to flow swiftly between different departments within the same organization, but also to external testing institutes and customers. Our mission is to offer a streamlined process of data communication between all producers and recipients of test data”, says Marjan Popovski, senior developer at Pipeson.

With all the test data gathered in the same database everybody with a Pipeson Analyzer license has the most current test data at their fingertips.

“If marketing gets a question of whether the pipe can be used in the Middle East at 40 degrees Celsius they don’t have to send a question to technical service or product management. All they need to do is just open the data file and instantly have access to the right information and quickly get back to the customer with an answer. We have built a system that allows the customers to gather and update test projects with data from different sources in one place, regardless of data format”, says Marjan.

What one of our customers said after a system demo:

“We generate test data in the internal laboratories and at external testing institutes. We see a great value in working with the new Data Flow System. With the Data Manager we collect and manage all test data in one project database. Data update from any source together with direct access in Pipeson Analyzer will save us lots of time. With the new effective work flow, we will work more with data and obtain more information and value”