It's all about the flow

18 September 2012

Our customers know that the process of testing is a lot more complicated than just getting the tests done. Communicating the information, and making the most recent data readily available to the right people at the right time, is also an integral part of an effective process.

With the launch of our new Pipe Data Flow System, Pipeson takes pipe data management and project communication to the next level. Our solution will actually change the way the test labs and other stakeholders work and interact with each other.

So how can we be certain that our new system has the potential to revolutionize pipe data management? For starters, we know that we have addressed the key customer pains, and we have developed the system in close connection with our key development partners. It is a system that integrates seamlessly with the test equipment’s data collecting software, and by easily uploading data and accepting data files in different formats it will save time and eliminate the risk of human error.

We are confident that this is a system that really adds value; and we are extremely proud. It is a great feeling to bring a solution to the market that will generate value for our customers. We have an exciting autumn ahead of us, and look forward to presenting the Pipe Data Flow System.

Daniel Lindqvist