IPT & Pipeson collaboration

10 September 2012

IPT is a leading manufacturer of testing equipment worldwide. A close collaboration with IPT was therefore a natural step for Pipeson on the road to providing the customers with the best possible solution for data management and communication.

“A number of our customers asked for an interface between IptDatalogging software and Pipeson software. When we examined the possibilities both parties felt like it was a perfect match. We developed a module that allows the labs that use IPT testing equipment to interact seamlessly with the stake holders such as product development, product management and certification and approval. It optimizes the work flow and helps the labs save time and money. IPT and Pipeson are like two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly; there is no question about where IPT ends and where Pipeson begins”, says Daniel Lindqvist.

The IPT equipment performs the tests and stores the test data in a database. Pipeson provides the data management tool that gathers all data and distributes it.

“Pipeson is unique, and the only company that focuses entirely on creating effective work flows for pipe test data. Their software products clearly show that they combine a solid technological know-how with a thorough understanding of our customers’ everyday challenges. Together, IPT and Pipeson deliver a complete solution for pipe testing and pipe data management. There is a great value in accurate test results that quickly reaches the right individual”, says Amadou Ba, Managing Director, IPT Institut für Prüftechnik Gerätebau GmbH & Co. KG.