New development project started

24 November 2011

In November 2011 Pipeson started the development work of a new professional data management system. The work is supported by Exova and Kiwa. The objective with the new system is to make data management more streamlined and more effective for resin suppliers and pipe producers. Total control over data, complete data access and significant time savings will be the values.

“We have taken inspiration from the Exova Online and Kiwa Online systems. The opportunity to securely access data directly in Pipeson Analyzer over internet has been a great success. Now Pipeson users would like to have the same access to data also from internal laboratories. Part of the system will be a new software – Pipeson Data Manager, which will manage data and update multiple projects from all possible sources e.g. test databases, online systems and Excel.”

The new system will be developed in close connection with our development partners. The launch of is planned for the autumn of 2012.